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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 50 Mile Gravel Grinder! Here are some sharing their experiences:

Well done guys... You knocked it out of the park!
— Matt B., Plano Athletic Cycling Club
Such a solid, well run event!!! Course was incredible, volunteers were so cool, thank you!!!!!
— Christopher Many, Walmart/ ACEC Cycling Team
Outstanding! Every part of it! Take a bow!
— Heath Arning
Awesome event. Super well done for a first event.
Great course.
Great support.
Great course marking.
You guys knocked it out of the park on your first event!
— Jeff Webster
Very well ran event. Course was marked well. Just enough support. People willing to lie and say, “the next hill isn’t as bad” to keep you going. And a great start/finish location.
— Jeremy Rockefeller

What is Crystal Bridges Endurance?

Crystal Bridges Endurance's vision is to create FUN endurance events around Northwest Arkansas. By FUN, we mean hitting the dirt hard, 50 mile grinder, race all night, giving it all you got for the weekend warrior glory kind of fun. We are bringing together a community that finds competition exciting, whether it is hitting that watch to beat your personal best or driving yourself to finish before your friend. To adventure, we say, "Bring it on." 

CBE Leadership

Oddvar Naustvik

Founder and Director of FUN

"My passion is to help people become physically, spiritually, and financially FIT."


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